What Colonics Can Do…

BY: Jesse R Brown, ND

I am often asked about Colon Hydrotherapy (colonics) or colon cleansing and what may it do for the people who receive them. Also, how colonics differ from other cleansers and systems. I like to answer this question by using an acronym that I use while teaching my classes at the Wholistic Training Institute and in the community at large.  The acronym is the same as the popular breath mint that is commonly used in the U.S. called CERTS.

C-Cleanse– Colon therapy cleanses the colon of waste material that may be accumulated over time. The repeated inflow and outflow of water stimulates and action known as peristalsis. Lay persons call this bowel movement. Most people have colon therapy for this purpose due to personal request or recommendation of another person whether that be a wholistic practitioner or some source that utilizes colon hydrotherapy in a treatment plan. Colon Hydrotherapy is very different that using a colon cleanser which usually uses bowel stimulating herbs, fiber and digestive enzymes to move waste out of the colon. Cleansing of the colon with hydrotherapy is also a preferred and very effective method of preparing the colon for diagnostic studies like colonoscopies, sigmoidoscopies and lower GIs for example.

Colonics are a modern form of the ages old enemas which used reeds, then tubes, various devices to relieve constipation, prepare a woman for childbirth, a person for surgery or to address some health concern considered coming from the colon. Products that are designed to cleanse the colon would be considered the soap and this would be the necessary water to complete the job. There are many books that address this such as Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management by Dr. Bernard Jensen, Colon Health by Dr. Norman Walker and others.

E- Exercise The colon moves by muscular actions called peristalsis. The repetition of Colon hydrotherapy helps to exercise the colon so the muscles get stronger and improve over time. I compare this to a person working out with weights or resistance equipment to strengthen the external muscles. Many people have problems with proper bowel elimination due to weak muscles not from a lack of chemical stimulants. Chronic constipation over long periods of time contribute to conditions that cause what we call slow bowel transit time. In other words when the person doesn’t eliminate 2-3 times per day and/or when what is passing takes days to pass that is called slow bowel transit time. This is easily measured by eating a tablespoon of corn at a meal and then noting when the first and last of it is seen in the stool. 12-24 hours is preferred. The action of the water, the temperature and other factors creates the exercising benefit.

R-Reshape Like the body the colon has an ideal form or shape. When it has been stretched too long it will become too big, too small dropped down and/or twisted around in places. Colonics properly applied along with massage, help to correct this and reshape the colon. Depending on how often and what a person does to help themselves between visits will determine the effectiveness of this treatment. Some people notice that the “stomach” or belly goes down after colonic sessions. This is an outward illustration of the internal work that is going on.
A person can look at their stool and notice how long, large or what the diameter of the waste is to get an idea of the shape of the colon. Does it resemble a pencil or a banana in width, is it as long as a foot or short, in balls. This will help us to identify what’s happening inside. The outward appearance of the belly indicates the condition also.

T-Tones Colon hydrotherapy can also help to tone the colon so where the colon may be getting back to it’s original shape it’s tone or size may also be positively affected. A colon that has proper muscular tone will have stools that are longer, larger, lighter in color and easier to pass without bowel stimulants, laxatives or straining. The appearance of the waste changes and takes on the form of the colon in a healthy shape. There are distinct forms the bowel waste will take.

S-Stimulates There are reflex points in the colon similar to what have been identified as reflex points in the feet and hands with Reflexology and Acupuncture or Acupressure in other systems of healing. The action of the water, massage and the skill of the therapist may stimulate these reflex points in the body that result in improvements in areas of the body we would not consider connected to the colon. People have attested to their vision being clearer, sinuses congestion being relieved, menstrual or other pains resolved and any other symptoms or conditions helped. A symptoms analysis before during and after the colon therapy session or series will help greatly.

In addition to all of these benefits, colon hydrotherapy does what other cleansers and systems typically do not do. Colonics hydrate or bring water into the body. The average North American does not drink enough water for their bodies physical needs and does not even know it. When that person gets colonics, they often feel an increase in energy and well being from eliminating waste and receiving more water than they normally would otherwise. A lack of water results in a number of illnesses and can cause death. A session of colon hydrotherapy will help to identify if the client needs more water and how that may be affecting them. To get an idea of how much water your body needs and what kind see my blog on water.

Jesse R. Brown is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and Trinity School of Natural Health as a Master Herbalist and Doctor of Naturopathy. He is the founder of Detroit Wholistic Center and Wholistic Training Institute and is one of the nations experts on colon and digestive cleansing and care. Dr. Brown has trained and certified students from across the US, Canada, Caribbean for over 20 years.