Meet our Founder

imageJesse R. Brown, ND
A native of Detroit, Michigan who after seeing his family members suffer from heart disease, cancers and a near death experience decided to convert to a healthier lifestyle while only in his teens. Over the past 31 years, after obtaining his undergraduate degree from Eastern Michigan University, Jesse started studying natural (wholistic) health methods in 1981.

Since then he founded Detroit Wholistic Center in 1987 and the Wholistic Training Institute in 1999.

Dr. Brown has trained people from across the US, Canada and the Caribbean and Africa.

A very popular speaker among professionals and lay persons, Dr. Brown has a simple easy and sometimes humorous way of sharing complicated ideas into simple ones.

Subjects Dr. Brown speaks on:

  • From the Garden of Eden to the Garden of Eatin
  • A Healer in Every Home
  • From Old Wives Tales to Old Wise Tales
  • Herbal Wisdom from the Bible
  • Jesus, the greatest healer who ever lived!
  • Genius in your genes and Diamonds in your DNA!
  • Are Christians the sickest?
  • Did man have a better plan?
  • Marijuana Medicine or Menace?
  • Faith, healing and faith healing.
  • Discover the Healer in you
  • Who’s healing the healer?
  • Everyone can become a healer!
  • Look good, feel good and do good!

Subjects taught: (Partial list)

  • Eating from the garden
  • Colon Hydrotherapy and digestive health
  • Herbs and Healing
  • Iridology
  • Egyptian Hand and Foot Therapy