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Colon Hydrotherapy- This class addresses how to improve the health and function of the digestive system and cleansing the colon safely and effectively to aid in weight loss, detoxification and health improvement. This 150 course is for certification and includes class and clinical experience. This is helpful for health practitioners who want to add to what they offer or will serve as a good starting foundation to those beginning a wholistic health career.

Class dates 1/15- 1/27/17


Instructor Patricia Woods. Some scholarships are available for this course.



All about Herbs- This class on herbs is beneficial for people who are new to herbology or have some experience. We will cover which herbs are nutritional, medicinal, how they are used and how you can prepare them for various purposes.

The class dates go from Wednesday evenings 6pm-8pm January 18-, March 15,  2017 at

HWW Bldg

20950 Grand River Ave

call 313-538-5433 for info. Senfusi Hightower, teacher


20950 Grand River Ave.



Reflexology-The Reflexology class trains the learner in how to manipulate points in the hands and feet that correspond to all parts of the body. This treatment is helpful for relieving stress and stimulating points that promote the bodies own natural healing and rejuvenation processes.

The class is held on Thursday evenings 6pm-8pm from January 19-March 16, 2017

Wholistic Training Institute  20950 Grand River Ave.

Senfusi Hightower, teacher $325.00



Call for Details or to Register 313.255.6155